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Molag Bal

Lore Article: Molag Bal

Perhaps one of the most heinous of Deadric Princes, Molag Bal, the Harvester of Souls, God of Schemes, his only goal is the domination and enslavement of all mortal beings in Tamriel. It is said that Molag Bal was also the original creator of vampires. In the year of 2E 579 Molag Bal went forth with his invasion of Tamriel, ...

Lore Article: The Interregnum

The storyline of Elder Scrolls Online takes place in the year 2E 583 otherwise known as The Interregnum. The Interregnum began in year 2E 430 when the Akaviri Potentates and all the heirs where assassinated. After the destruction of any authority in the Empire, all of Tamriel fell into disarray and multiple kingdoms formed ...

Elder Scrolls

Lore Article: The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls: The Elder Scrolls, also known as the Aedric Prophecies, contain information based on past, present, and future events. The Elder Scrolls will show the reader all possible pasts, presents, and futures, even some that may not even happen. Elder Scrolls will show possible outcomes based on the actions, ...